Linguas OS

Nevertheless, let me take this opportunity to remind visitors that we are NOT hosting the download on this site, nor are we claiming any authorship or ownership of the software (or even the reprinted material provided here).

The distro and packages can be found in a few places, including from torrents and Tony Baldwin’s own site ( However, Mr. Baldwin has quite clearly indicated that he has little interest in the project anymore. He’s now spending time building a client base for his robust enterprise seo services. You’ll note that seo has taken over much of his time, and as more and more businesses rely on the search for leads, his business has taken up more and more of his time. We’re more than willing to re-direct traffic to anyone who happens to pick up the reins (in the event that anyone does so, of course). I was considering doing it myself, but after a serious car accident, I mean the kind where you decide you need a car accident lawyer to represent you and your interests, I realized no way was that going to happen. I had always heard that car accident lawyers are ambulance chasers, but let me say, my experience has totally changed my views. When you are seriously injured in a car accident, even though the lawyer will take somewhere between 30%-40% of the settlement monies, if you win and the compensation or damages won will help you recover, it’s well worth the lawyer’s fee. So as I get my life back together again, my energies are being spent elsewhere – not on Linguas OS.

If you didn’t already know, Linguas OS is a project developed by Tony Baldwin as a demo for a translators conference. The goal was to adapt a Linux operating system distribution (based on PCFluxboxOS) with tools and apps specifically chosen to assist translators.

  • The most recent release (1.1) of Linguas OS was in January of 2008, and the author has stated that this project is no longer in development.
  • The Linguas OS Yahoo Group ( still exists, but the last (relevant) message was posted in October of 2009 by Mr. Baldwin himself, explaining that the project had “fizzled to a halt last year”.
  • The Linux for Translators Yahoo Group ( is still going strong, however, so LinguasOS users may find support there. In case you didn’t already know, Yahoo Groups sometimes requires a (free) membership to view posts, depending on how the specific group is set up.

Linguas OS is fully configurabe! 
Want to change the boring default desktop (what? don’t like my Linguas OS wallpapers?) Go ahead! This shows Linguas OS, after install, including the Gimp for image manipulation (what I used to create all of the Linguas OS artwork, and artwork for my sites) and XMMS (winamp for linux), which aren’t included on the CD but will be on the DVD, and, are also easily installable using synaptic, if you install from the CD. Pretty, huh? This is my current desktop (27/12/07)

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There is much more information available of course but this is the basic information you might need. There are a plethora of sources available on the topic & you should have no trouble finding additional information should it be required. You can look online or in reference books at libraries.