1990 losses

This page is just a small list of people who died in 1990 during the first two months of the year. Some might consider it a quirky list. But that could be said on most lists when the information has to be pared down. How does one choose this person to list over that person. Thus personal decisions make for quirky lists. As I was perusing the names, many of whom I don’t recognize I received a text from a friend with a totally unexpected question. “Do yo know of any sites that sell online std test kits?” “Well, fortunately not off hand, but I will do a quick search as should you.” I replied. Whoa, I was surprised at the sites that did sell std kits you could purchase via the internet. Well why not. However, there are two different type of kits. One in which you take a swab of whatever they require and you send it to a lab where they get the results and then notify you. The other type of kit gives you results in 15 minutes. Well, how accurate is that I wondered. Apparently quite accurate to within 95%-99% accurate. I wondered why they didn’t sell the at home std kits at a pharmacy like a pregnancy test. Apparently in Europe you can buy such kits, but in the US it was not yet allowed until now. Std-test-kits.org offers a Chlamydia test kit – and there are tests also for Gonorrhea, Syphilis, and Hepatitis B. I texted the information I learned to my friend and then returned to this list. I wondered whether this list was compiled by doing a Google query or whether each person on the list was somehow significant to the person who made the list.

Jan 1st – Joe Hardstaff Jr, cricketer (23 Tests for England, 1636 runs), dies

Jan 1st – Suzuki Sochu, Zen teacher (Rinzai line)/abbot of Ryutakuji, dies

Jan 2nd – Vladimir Alexis Ussachevsky, Manchuria composer (Creation), dies at 78

Jan 3rd – Arthur Gold, American pianist, half of Gold and Fizdale duo (b. 1917)

Jan 4th – Robert F Adams, US, sci-fi author (Castaways in Time), dies at 57

Jan 4th – Harold Edgerton, American electrical engineer (b. 1903)

Jan 4th – Sir Henry Bolte, Premier of Victoria 1955-1972 (b. 1908)

Jan 5th – Bart LaRue, entertainer, dies

Jan 6th – Ian Charleson, actor (Gandhi, Chariots of Fire), dies of AIDS at 40

Jan 7th – Gail Lucas, entertainer, dies

Jan 7th – Horace Stoneham, baseball owner (Giants), dies at 86

Jan 7th – Joseph Robbie, lawyer/NFL owner (Miami Dolphins), dies at 73

Jan 9th – Spud Chandler, baseball player (b. 1907)

Jan 10th – Yvonne Peattie Marquard, actress (Donovan’s Reef), dies

Jan 12th – Paul Amadeus Pisk, composer, dies at 96

Jan 14th – Mani Madhava Chakyar, Koodiyattam artist and Sanskrit scholar (b. 1899)

Jan 18th – Rusty Hamer, American actor (b. 1947)

Jan 19th – Herbert Wehner, German ex-communist/chairman (1958-73), dies at 83

Jan 19th – Semprini, English musician (b. 1908)

Jan 20th – Miloslav Istvan, composer, dies at 61

Jan 20th – Naruhito Higashi-Kuni, Japanese PM (1945), dies

Jan 20th – Hayedeh, Persian singer (b. 1942)

Jan 23rd – Mariano Rumor, Italy’s PM (1968-70, 73-1974), dies

Jan 25th – Ava Gardner, actress (Barefoot Contessa), dies of pneumonia at 67

Jan 25th – Ian Dudley Hardy, entertainer, dies

Jan 26th – Lewis Mumford, American historian (b. 1895)

Jan 26th – Bob Gerard, British racing driver (b. 1914)

Feb 2nd – Joe Erskine, Welsh boxer (b. 1934)

Feb 6th – John Merivale, actor (Caltiki), dies

Feb 7th – Jimmy Van Heusen, composer (Call Me Irresponsible), dies at 77

Feb 7th – Nathan Wartels, publisher (Crown), dies at 88 of pneumonia

Feb 7th – Alfredo M. Santos, First Four-star General of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, World War II hero (b. 1905)

Feb 8th – Del Shannon, American entertainer (suicide) (b. 1934)

Feb 14th – Jean Wallace, [Walasek], actress (Big Combo), dies of hemorrhage at 66

Feb 14th – Tony Holiday, German singer

Feb 15th – Jack Fletcher, actor (Any Wednesday), dies of heart attack at 68

Feb 17th – Frans Kellendonk, Dutch writer (Good for Nothing), dies at 39

Feb 17th – Keith Haring, US graffiti-artist, dies at 31

Feb 17th – Marc Clement, actor (Career Opportunities, Sluggers Wife), dies

Feb 17th – Hap Day, Canadian ice hockey player and manager (b. 1901)

Feb 23rd – James Gavin, commandant US 82nd Airborn Div (Normandy), dies at 82

Feb 23rd – Jose Napoleon Duarte, president of Salvador (1984-89), dies at 62

Feb 24th – Sandro Pertini, president of Italy (1978, 85), dies at 93

Feb 24th – Tony Conigliaro, baseball player (Red Sox), dies of pneumonia at 45

Feb 26th – Leslie Ames, cricketer (47 Tests, 2434 runs 8 centuries), dies

Feb 26th – Maurine Stuart, Zen teacher (head of Cambridge Buddhist Association), dies

Feb 26th – Scott Jarvis, musician (Great Expectationa), dies

Feb 28th – Fabia Drake, actress (Nice Girl Like Me), dies at 86

Feb 28th – Tuppy Owen-Smith, South African cricketer (batsman v England 1929), dies


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