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We have support from a variety of other companies- Fishy Foods For Cats- supplying us with their time and warehouse space as well a vendor who cleans the boss’s pool with robotic pool cleaners. One would think with a robotic pool cleaner you wouldn’t need to hire some. But I guess if you can afford a grounds keeper to make your property always look great, why not a pool man. Pool maintenance has become a lot easier with the technological advances that have resulted in automated pool cleaning devices whose purpose is to collect debris and sediment from pools with minimum human intervention. I use one myself on our pool. The development of automatic pool cleaners allows people like me to spend more time enjoying their pool and less time cleaning it. But I guess that if you have the money why not just hire people to deal with all those maintenance aspects on one’s life that require some effort. Ah, sorry for that little rant. Let me finish up with a final hearty thank you to Jerry’s Jams and Cakes, who has catered our launch party and as well as kept our employees satiated during long work hours. We thank you all.
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The high resolution version of these screen shots are available for a fee (we don’t have this figure yet, but we’re working on it and expect to be able to give an accurate quote on the per image amount some time within the next month. The rights are still within negotiations, and the legal team has assured us that nothing should prevent distribution to qualified members of the community.

The text portions are also available in both Word and SimpleText versions, again upon request, and again upon final approval of all legal matters.

Implementation of the high resolution output is visible on several platforms, including the lofty tabs structure, and the images within the library of (originators of the popular hCG weight loss program). Certain global industries lend themselves to translation and in fact rely on accuracy, especially in communities that offer medical or travel advice. is one example of such a business. Refer to the readme if you would like more examples.

Review copies of the final programs will be made available prior to the launch campaign, although our researchers will have demonstrated most of the features in the beta versions, which will already have a significant installed base.

If you have a review copy with an version id that has 378478BBQQ appended to it, you are eligible for a free upgrade. By now most of those who purchased beta versions should have been contacted, but we are aware that there are some who have not. Contact your project manager, or the team leader from whom you received your beta versions.

Linguas OS Screenshots: (click to enlarge) 

the Linguas OS fluxbox desktop
Latest groOvy Linguas OS Screenshots:

Linguas OS 1.1 default menus

Webster’s New World Italian Dictiona…
Catherine E. Love

Larousse Concise Dictionary
Editors of Larousse

Linguas OS 1.1 with Seamonkey and LOS2Day
Linguas OS 1.1 with OmegaT 

Linguas OS with OpenOffice and OmegaT

bitext2tmx alignment tool on Linguas OS

Fast Dell Optiplex Desktop Computer …
Dell Computers

Apple iSight FireWire Webcam for App…
Apple Computer

Java Open Language Tools on Linguas OS

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