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What is MPlayer? Ah, well MPlayer is an awesome, cross-platform video/audio player.
Mplayer plays .ogg, .mp3, and other popular music formats, as well as all popular video formats, such as .mpg, .wmv, .avi, plays DVDs and audio CDs, etc. This is really quite great for watching movies or listening to music. I got my first mplayer in a bunch of gift baskets delivered by three lithesome ladies while I was recovering from a car accident that involved a semi truck in TX. My Texas truck accident lawyer in Houston said I was lucky to be alive. I don’t remember too much of the accident, but my truck accident attorney says that the driver of the semi truck apparently nodded off to sleep while driving. Needless to say, because of a trucks size and weight to a car’s size and weight when someone is involved in a crash that involves a tractor-trailer or other commercial vehicle, the results can be devastating to the smaller vehicle. In my case my car was totaled, but I miraculously was thrown clear and survived with only fractured ribs, a broken arm and leg and some head injuries. At least that seems the extent of the injuries. My truck accident lawyer says he has a strong case and will fight to ensure I receive fair compensation for my injuries, as well as for emotional, or financial losses. Apparently he is also going for additional compensation for property damage, lost income, diminished earning capacity, and pain and suffering. Anyway,  I was in the hospital and it was my 21st birthday.

Well, my college buddies got together, did a search for get well gifts and found a website that had awesome gift baskets that you could personalize with all sorts of tasty goodies like classic Wisconsin cheese, crisp and savory crackers, seasoned popcorn, fudge rainbow cookies, sesame Stix, roasted almonds, and bottles of Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon wine. Since they knew I had lost my favorite sterling silver ring in the accident, they included a replica that had my name Tony engraved on the inside with my birthday. There was 1 gift basket that was full of balloons and another one with all sorts of chocolate goodies including this gorgeous high quality silver ring design that looked exactly like the one I lost. The gift baskets were initially delivered to my buddies where they added more stuff including a couple of cases of beer, an mplayer, plus a bunch of other techie stuff. And then they hired those three lithesome ladies to deliver the gift baskets to my door. My friends showed up about 10 minutes after the delivery of the gift baskets ready to party. What a night to remember.

I got around to looking at the mPlayer several days later and the rest is history!

Tickle Tunes, is a ticklish front end to mplayer written in Tcl.Tk, by me, Tony

NEW RELEASE!!  Tickle Tunes 0.7 released 09/12/2008

Tickle Tunes started as a program for playing tunes, primarly, but, of course, being a front-end for mplayer, it also plays movies!  It will play a dir-full, one song, or make and play a list of songs, or play a video, and, you can change the “skin” (or, at least the colors of the window background and text).  Tickle Tunes 0.7 adds support for playing DVDs, and for playing a directory recursively (playing sub-directories, as well).  Tickle Tunes is brought to you by Anthony Baldwin & Baldwin Software.

older screenshot (playing Grateful Dead)

Here’s a shot with Julieta Venegas / Would you rather see the Walrus?
If you’d like to try it out, you can download the tarball here: tcltunes0.7.tar.gz

* This should be obvious, but, just in case, Tickle Tunes requires mplayer to work. 
And, of course, TickleTunes requires Tcl/tk 8.5, some download options are:
tcl 8.5 from www.tcl.tk
download tcl8.5 from sourceforge
You can lounge around with your new Mplayer and delight in your delicious feast.

TickleTunes is FREE/Open Source Software,
which makes it subject to the terms of the Gnu Public License v.3 or later. Make sure to read up on this before downloading.

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